Wanneroo Markets

Ever since 1980 the Wanneroo Markets have been a must-visit centre for the thrifty. I buy my fruit and vegetables, eggs, and fish there each weekend.

Spudshed used to be part of the markets but converted to a supermarket. They advertise a few genuine bargains each week, and lazy shoppers flood in to buy everything there. I sometimes see the checkout ring up $150 or more for the person in front of me. I buy the bargains such as three heads of broccoli for $1 and ignore the rest. Spudshed is open every day.

Wanneroo Markets, Perth, W. AustraliaAs you go up the hill from Wanneroo Road, you will see a red-striped roof on your left. That is where you’ll find Spudshed, and the markets are just before that.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the bus. It doesn’t run on weekends and only every hour on weekdays.

The markets are open from 9 am to 5 pm from Friday till Sunday inclusive. They are also open for public holidays. The food court and bar open on Thursdays while the rest of the markets close.

Sorry, the rest of this post is boring – it is just a list of some of the things that you can find. Some of them only happen sometimes – such as buskers.

There are now only three fresh fruit and vegetable retailers in the main section – there used to be more. There is another to the east of the main section and the toilets.

Visit the Coastal Fisheries, the fresh bakery, organic “Little Big Shop,” Pinoy, local honey, coffee beans and lentils for healthy food.
If you want something other than food, browse through the following list of some of the things you’ll find.

Activities sometimes include Karaoke, live music, free face painting, card tournaments, African drum workshops, arcade games and a Bouncy Castle.

Young busker in Wanneroo marketsTo reward you for your endurance for sticking with me so far here is a picture of the live music. The singer had amazing persistence because the wind kept blowing away her music and thunder drowned her sound.

Hats, scarves, socks, ethical women & men’s fashion & accessories, retro & modern gaming, rugs, trading cards, kids apparel, dancewear, fresh flowers, unique furniture, décor & giftware, African drums, arts & crafts, smoking paraphernalia, luggage, travel bags, work boots, Ugg boots, women & men’s work & casual shoes, kids shoes, dancing shoes, phone accessories, CDs & DVDs, beach accessories, Bonzai, variety nursery, work shirts, casual shirts, brand name apparel, sweet shop, wedding apparel, evening wear & accessories, comics, posters, collectables, crystals, incense, jewellery, and more.

Wind blows music off standFood includes Portuguese, Chinese, Kebabs, New Zealand, Vietnamese, Thai, hot donuts, popcorn, cupcakes, coffee, café food, European pancakes, Gozleme, juice and smoothies, cakes & pastries.

Services offered sometimes include dog grooming, sticker and T-Shirt printing, phone repairs, Chinese health massage, acupuncture, artists, clothing alterations, catering, threading & beauty, plumbing, medium readings, hair salons.

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