Wanneroo Library

Flying figure & Wanneroo Library

The Wanneroo lending library is world-class. If you are a tourist you can still get advice from the friendly staff and read the books – you only need to be a subscriber to withdraw books or CDs etc.

I think you also need to be a subscriber to use the free Internet access.

All the Perth libraries are linked on the Internet, and members can request books, magazines, videos, CDs etc from other libraries, and pick them up a few days later. There are special sections where you can get help for using your Tablet, or to look up your Genealogy.

My only complaint is that when you look at the building past the flying woman, there are no vertical lines visible. One of the famous artists supposedly had astigmatism, so he drew all his pictures in a distorted manner. Perhaps this artist is habitually drunk and thinks that these leaning over lines are vertical?

Centre of Wanneroo looking down, W. AustraliaIf you look down from an upstairs window at the flying woman you see the centre of the city, except for the library of course.

In front of the lending library and the little restaurant is another concession to the Green movement.

Bicycle encouragement facilitiesJust outside of the picture, on the left, is a pump for pumping up your tires and a number of spanners and screwdrivers suitable for working on bicycles. You can park your bike in the rack shown at the top right of the picture.

The racks are usually empty, and I don’t know if anybody ever uses the tools, but it is a movement in the right direction. Personally, when I was a cyclist, I carried my repair outfit with me on the bike.

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