Wanneroo City Centre

The architecture is horrible in the centre of Wanneroo City, but the people are friendly.

People smile at you as you walk down the street, and say hello. The name Wanneroo itself is of Aboriginal origin, and means ‘place of Aboriginal woman’s digging stick’.
City centre Wanneroo, W. AustraliaI may be sarcastic about the so-called art chosen by deluded local government members, but artwork isn’t everything. I truly believe that Wanneroo is a great place to live in or to visit.

I hardly know where to begin, because the city is enormous, so I’ll start by telling you where it is.

The top arrow points to Sinagra, the suburb of Wanneroo where I live. The second arrow points to the name of the city. Go west to the yellow road for the centre of the city.

To get to Wanneroo from Perth (foot of the map) take the 398 bus up Route 60 and travel a little to the west of North for an hour. The bus will then turn right, and if you get off at the first stop, you will be outside the Wanneroo City Council buildings. Or you could drive up Wanneroo Road and turn right into Dundebar Road.

City Centre Roundabout

Looking back the way you came, you’ll see a large roundabout with a ridiculous piece of modern sculpture in the middle. Presumably, she is meant to represent Wanneroo City taking off like Superman.

Wanneroo City Council buildings, W. AustraliaBefore we look at her, here are the Council buildings. The wind was racially discriminating, and only opened out the Aborigine flag for the photograph.

I can’t read the mind of the ‘artist’ who designed the stumpy posts (for which I am grateful), but they have deep cracks. Some of the locals speculate that the stumpy things with all the cracks represent VD among the Councilors who meet in the building. I’m too young and innocent to know what they mean.

  1. Centre of Wanneroo, W. AustraliaCity Council
  2. Medical Centre
  3. Lending Library
  4. Small Restaurant
  5. Church
  6. School where I voted
  7. Hotel & Restaurant
  8. Shopping Centre
  9. Post Office
  10. Bert Togno Park
  11. Bush
  12. Police Station

City centre Wanneroo, W. AustraliaIf you like this picture, please leave a comment expressing your disapproval of what I’m going to say about her.

The best that I can say is that making use of a sheet of crumpled metal from the rubbish dump is praiseworthy. The ‘artist’ must have noticed that it was vaguely shaped like a woman in flowing robes. So he bashed the metal in three places to look like a face, hand, and foot.

Next, he painted it all with rust converter to make the rust look a dark brown, put the ‘statue’ on its pedestal, and held out his hand for payment by the gullible local government.

You can see the rust eating through the converter, and running down the front of the figure. As there is no back to the figure, it won’t be long before the rust eats all the way through.

When you look at the figure from the side (see the photo in my next post) she seems to be preparing to take off. If that is the meaning, it obviously refers to the population of the city which is expanding out of control.

Here is a picture of St Anthony’s Church, which is number 5 in the little aerial photograph above. The Council buildings are in the background.

St Anthony's ChurchFortunately, the Council seems to be insisting on scattering nature reserves around the place, so there will be good places to go for a walk in the foreseeable future.

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4 thoughts on “Wanneroo City Centre

  1. I wonder how old that picture is Ian because I don’t know of any church in the shopping area . Maybe you are being facetious and call the Dome the church 🙂 Those stumpy dicks outside the council house are called bollards,lol. Maybe to stop the Wanneroo drivers driving their cars into the building as seems to be the habit around here. Car drivers in WA are notoriously bad.

    • Hi Roberta,
      Thanks for your comment.
      The photo was taken a few weeks ago (July 2016). The roundabout isn’t really in the shopping area. If you go round the roundabout counter-clockwise (better not drive that way) from the Council buildings, the first building you come to used to be a church. I haven’t checked recently to see if it still is a church.

      I have a theory that the Civil Engineers are trained to be as nasty to the bus drivers as they can be. This roundabout is an exception. Most of the little roundabouts in Wanneroo require the bus driver to drive over the central island on the right and barely miss the roundabout sign on the left. If a link bus driver makes a mistake, he can’t reverse to correct it. So a crane has to come to get him off of the roundabout.

      As for drivers being bad – a driver hit a lamp pole one morning rush hour. An Electrician was at the top of the replacement pole that evening rush hour, and got knocked off by a motorist hitting the pole. They must get their driving lessons from the School for the Blind.

    • Hi Roberta,
      The question gets more confusing all the time.

      It is typical of the Australian attitude to regulations.

      The present St Anthony’s church is new. The old one was bulldozed several years ago. The Council has just realized that it was a heritage listed site. Their reaction? They removed it from the Heritage Listing!

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