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I’m always suspicious of activities for seniors. I looked at walking clubs for instance. Walks were less than an hour because they mustn’t tire these poor doddering old dears.

There was one walking club at the Have a Go day that offered longer walks, but you needed a car or bike to get to the walks – no public transport, so I didn’t take much notice.

city of Perth, W. AustraliaWhen it comes to tours for seniors, read all the information carefully and ask questions.

The Redback company on the left specializes in tours for seniors. It has a venomous West Australian Spider as its logo. All the information tells you that the red-back female can kill you. So can a bee sting. Small children with soft skins are most at risk. The spider has difficulty getting her jaws through the adult skin.

As for the tours on offer, I can’t tell you much, but you can read the telephone number in the picture on the left, and make any inquiries that you want.

The “Outback” is the Australian name for the wild country. “The Bush” is the name for wild shrubs and trees.

Wannadoo ToursWannadoo Tours claim to specialize in day and extended tours for the mature traveler.

Both companies are down in Mandurah. There are plenty of travel agencies here in Perth, but they didn’t have displays.

A one-hour trip by train down to Mandurah is well worth doing. While there, take a tour on a launch round the waterways of Mandurah.

You will probably be joined by the dolphins at some point in the trip.

If you like markets, time your trip to visit Mandurah on a Saturday. Some of the stalls really grabbed my attention.

Don’t limit yourself to these two companies. If you look at your options you can choose, hiking, horse-riding, camel riding, coach tours, camping, motels, gold prospecting with a metal detector or even canoeing if you are fit enough.

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