Seniors Dancing at Burswood

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Dancing for seniors at Burswood, Perth. I hope you like dancing more than I do. Even marching is too difficult – I can never remember which foot is meant to come next.

Seniors exercising in Burswood, Perth.I think I might possibly manage this kind of dancing after a few years of practice because it is so slow that I have to look carefully to see them move.

It is supposed to be an exercise for the body and the mind. Would it still work for me if my head is stuffed with rocks?

Stick dancing in BurswoodMy gym teacher at school made me do Scottish country dancing, but gave up when I tripped up all the other partners. I wonder – would I have behaved better in a stick dance? I don’t approve of being hit with sticks. The Internet says that most stick dancing is disguised weapons practice.

Worse still – look at these boots – I wouldn’t want to try dancing with boots like these kicking about anywhere near me. At least I could dress in rags and tatters.

Stick dancing at Burswood have a go day, PerthI might feel safer if I was playing the accordion, but I’ve just one question. Would I often need the pile-driver on the ground behind me?

If it would not be using excessive force – against what would I be defending myself?

Impromptu mixed dance.Later in the day dancers from different kinds of dance got together. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. I don’t know how they managed to create such a good dance if it was truly impromptu.

Belly dancer Burswood have a go dayBelly dancers turn backs to audience

Just a thought – I wonder – could I do the next kind of dancing? It is slow enough, but looks complicated and far too graceful for me. Besides, they probably don’t allow male belly-dancers. Even if they did, they might make me shave off my beard.

And look at all those gold coins. I’m sure I would spend them all before the next dance.

There is a problem with most forms of exercise when you grow older. High-impact exercises, such as jogging – damage your joints.

These ladies might not be able to do exercises such as pole vaulting, but they obviously enjoyed low impact belly dancing.

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