Santa Problems

Santa has big problems in Perth West Australia

As you all know, from the song by Rolph Harris, It’s too hot for the reindeer in Australia to travel in Australia, so six white boomers (kangaroos) get their chance to pull Santa through the sky.

Chimney-sweep-sign, W. AustraliaThe worst problems are closer to earth.

This sign nailed to an electricity supply pole must surely be for a dying race of tradesmen – the Chimney Sweeps.

The trouble that they share with Santa is that modern houses do not have fireplaces or chimneys. Have a look at the roofs in some of my pictures in this blog.

Houses are usually very well insulated to keep out the heat in the summer. That means that they lose heat very slowly in the winter. So heating is only needed for a few hours in the winter, and a cheap electrical fan-heater is all that you need.

Builders have realized that it is not worth the expense of building a fireplace and chimney for only a few hours use each year.

Sorry Santa! You’re obsolete.

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