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Adults can sneak out to this part of the show, leaving the kids at school. Who knows – you may save enough by not having the children along to buy a water filtration plant for your house.

Cooks - never cut your fingers again.This is like a series of trade shows mixed in with retail booths for unusual or new ideas.

I like the idea on the left very much. Cooks will never cut their fingers again wearing these gloves. I didn’t buy a pair because I am Scottish, so I prefer to keep the money and cut my fingers sometimes.

I have a theory that if the booths can’t explain themselves, they might as well not be there, so I won’t make many comments on the remaining photos. Understand that I only snapped things that caught my attention. The booths took several hours of my attention, so can’t be covered in a travel blog.

If you plan to visit Perth in the last week of next September, be sure to visit the exhibitions in the indoors pavilions at the Showgrounds. There is a Showgrounds railway station. Go there and follow the crowds.

robot vacuum cleanerThe yellow disk at the bottom right of this picture is blurred because it is moving as it vacuums the surface below. It covers the surface under computer control. That must surely be a very clean surface by now.

nibbling toolThe nibbler is a great handyman tool. It nibbles away at sheet metal wherever you point it. That means that you can cut out fancy shapes like those in the photo. You don’t need to cut in straight lines. It is also useful for cutting in an explosive atmosphere, but that wouldn’t interest a handyman.

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