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I’ve only one picture of children just sitting there at the Royal Show. What I like most are activities that let kids learn about and enjoy other forms of life.

Safety in mountaineeringIf you’ve brought your grandchildren to the show you can be sure they will be safe with this version of mountaineering.

You may be able to see the ropes going up from the adults on both sides of the column. These ropes go to pulleys and back down to belts worn by the climbers.

Most climbers fall off before they reach the top, but it is exciting exercise.

city of Perth, W. AustraliaThe little girl in the photo on the right is enjoying driving a monster tractor in her imagination.

You’ll find plenty of agricultural machinery at the show. It is, after all, an agricultural show.

Starting criminal driving youngThe picture above is a great example of the Australian defiance of rules. Compare the age restrictions in the notice with the age of the drivers. My guess is that one of the drivers is about fourteen years younger than the minimum age.

Display frame of beesThe next photos show what I consider to be the most important aspect for children. Your grandchildren may think that honey comes from the supermarket. A survey showed that most teenagers don’t know how to unzip a banana. This little girl watches bees up close. She may not realize that they make honey, but it is a step in the right direction.

OwlAt the left, you can see an owl perched on the gauntlet of a representative of the society for the preservation of raptors. “Raptors” means birds of prey and I’m all in favor of the idea. All birds are protected in Australia except from farmers on their own land.

Monstrous wedge-tail eagles are probably still shot by farmers who think that they eat lambs. However, studies of the stomach contents of eagles show that they mostly eat pests, so farmers should be their friends.

Dog reveling in petting.I love to watch the expressions on children’s faces when they pet animals. I know that I have the same goofy expression on my face when I am petting animals. I’ve even got a photo someone took showing my dopey expression when I was petting a python.

However, the photo on the left shows the expression of a dog who will take all the petting he can get, and a lady on the right of the picture who is enjoying the expression of bliss on the dog’s face.

Boy pets ferretThe next four pictures are all of a ferret being petted.

Please make allowances for the quality of the pictures, because the bad light conditions meant that I couldn’t get a big depth of focus, and any movements blurred the picture.

The lady was anxious for me to get a good picture, but you know how fast children move. In my next post, they will be moving even faster.

Boy cuddling ferret

This Alpaca isn’t being petted, but I think that he would like to be.

AlpacaYou could say that the children are sitting down for the next two pictures, but if you’ve ever ridden an animal you know that you have to keep adjusting to each movement. Camel riding can be very tiring, but not for the few minutes that these children will enjoy it.

Children impersonating a police officerFinally, its dressing-up time in the Police tent. I should think that this is excellent public-relations for the officers of the law. My next post will be pure fun and inferior photographs.

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