Royal Show and Political Correctness Gone Mad

Why is the Royal Show less popular every year? I believe political correctness gone mad has destroyed the show. It used to be quite legal to say no to your children.

The Royal Show starts each year on a Saturday near the September equinox (day and night are 12 hours each). We celebrate the Queen’s birthday on a Monday about then. That gives us a public holiday so that everyone can visit the Royal Show.

This post is about things for children to buy. Next post will be about rides and exhibits for children. The post after that will be about exhibits for adults and how to beat political correctness. I won’t cover the agricultural part of the show, with its competitions for the best dogs, rabbits, alpacas, etc.

Children are told to buy, buy and buyI can remember taking my kids to the show forty years ago. We laughed at reports about parents spending their income for two months at the show.

How could I say no? I allowed each of my children to spend eight dollars plus any pocket money they had saved up. I earned eight dollars per day because I had an above-average wage.

My children learned how to compare things that they wanted. They could go on rides. They could buy show-bags. They just had to decide which to choose before they ran out of money. They learned valuable lessons about life and choices and would never run up credit card debts of twenty thousand dollars.

My children learned to say no. They learned that they didn’t have to buy everything that they saw.

Some parents now spend thousands of dollars on their children at the Royal Show because it is politically incorrect to say “No” to children. I suspect people are no longer going to the show because the can’t say “No” to children.

Parents carrying show-bags for childrenYou may think that a “show bag” is better value than rides because you have something to show when you get home. Most of the bags have an assortment of trash. Plastic supermen, whistles, electronic gadgets that might stand up to a child for an hour or two. Show bags don’t last much longer than rides. The early morning picture on the right shows that parents have to carry the show-bags all day for their children.

The show is BIG. After wandering around taking photos for four hours, I had only seen about half of it and none of the demonstrations such as log chopping. So I’ll show you some of the photos of buying temptations for children.

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