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shuttle bus two train stations

They call it travel and leisure… Eleven thirty am passed so did 11:40 am. If my bus didn’t come soon, I’d miss the train.

The green line represents the shuttle bus service between two train stations, and I was waiting where the red arrow points, to travel South.

Sure enough, the bus was 20 minutes late, so I crossed the road and caught the bus North just as the bus South arrived. So I caught a later train which just missed the bus at the other end in Rockingham. I must have wasted hundreds of hours of my life waiting for a bus!

city of Perth, W. AustraliaAccording to Google Earth the travel distance was only 38 miles, but that was as the crow flies. Leaving level with Joondalup, and arriving a little North of Mandurah.

I was expecting a three-hour trip.

I was house-sitting for a lady who was flying abroad for a wedding.

If I missed the connection from the train to the last bus, how could I connect? I don’t have a cell phone because they cause brain cancer, but a transport officer very kindly phoned the lady and asked her to pick me up in her car.

I took this picture of the station while I was waiting for the car.Rockingham station, W. Australia

What a rush! She barely had time to show me the dog food and hand me the keys before she had to rush off to catch the plane.

Once she had left, I grabbed my camera and set off with Navfree (A free GPS program) running on my Samsung Tab 4 to follow a walking trail that is a shortcut to the main shopping center in Rockingham.

My temporary Rocking home, W. AustraliaWhen I looked back at the house, here is what I saw.

Don’t expect as many photos in future – remember I was on holiday – sort of.

footpath entry, W. AustraliaThe City of Rockingham is justifiably proud of its scenic pedestrian walkways which also allow bicycles, so the picture on the left shows the colorful markings at the start of my shortcut. The Council intends it to be easy for pedestrians to find.

The path followed a stream, so I was able to get some scenic photos for my travel log.

footpath in Rockingham, W. Australia

footpath in Rockingham, W. Australia

Footpath in Rockingham, W. Australia

Note: the ducks are NOT headless – they only have very dark heads. My computer crashed, and I lost several thousand photographs. The master copy for these two waterbirds was one of the photos that I lost. Nowadays I would correct the headless appearance, but back when this photo was taken I had no idea how to enhance the photo.

When I got “home” I took Hippy the Golden Labrador for a walk around the nearby lake.

It took only twentyfive minutes to walk around the lake, so I got into the habit of walking her around the lake each morning and evening. She was very friendly, so I could allow her off the lead without worrying about what she would do to other dogs.

Lake at sunset in Rockingham, W. AustraliaThe sun was setting, so the colors in this picture are a little warmer than normal. Once more, I was impressed with the efforts that the Council had made to beautify what probably started out as a swamp.

They even put in a fountain – you can almost see it at the other side of the lake when the picture is shrunk to this size.

dog refusing to move, W. AustraliaAfter a time, Hippy rolled over and refused to go any further. Then I looked at Navfree and discovered that I was trying to go around the lake a second time. Fortunately, Hippy didn’t need GPS to know the way home!

If for a change, the weather forecast is right for tomorrow, it may be raining too hard for me to go walking around a larger nearby lake. I’ve got my tablet charging just in case I need the GPS.

How I hate my laptop computer. The keys work when I touch them, with no need to click them, and I keep brushing the mouse pad with even more disconcerting results. I don’t think it is really travel and leisure when I have to fight my computer to write my travel diary.

Later note: I taped some thick plastic over the mouse pad. That has got rid of that annoying problem.

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