Rockingham Birds

The trouble with a telephoto lens is that it takes me about a quarter of an hour to change lenses, and birds are unlikely to hang around long enough. So I try to walk close enough for my cheap point and shoot camera.

Two red-breasted galahs (cockatoos) landed on a fence about three yards away from me. They were too small for a good picture at that distance, so I tried to walk closer. They flew away of course.

Birds are protected in Australia, so they aren’t timid, but there are limits.

I can only guess that wagtails are curious. They fly to about ten yards away from me and land, waiting till I am about two yards away then repeat the process. Large water bird in Rockingham, Perth, W. AustraliaI guessed at first that they were hoping that I would scare insects into the air for them to eat, but the wagtails didn’t seem interested in eating.

You can see the spoon-tipped bill on the large white bird to the left, that gives it the name of “Yellow-billed Spoonbill”.  That was as close as I could get. You can see it already had a wary eye on me. It flew to the middle of the pond a few seconds later.

Large water bird in Rockingham, Perth, W. AustraliaHave you ever wondered how birds manage their shopping without a shopping cart? Well, wonder no more. I reveal the secret in this picture.

This is the only piece of litter that I noticed in Rockingham. I didn’t realize the absence of litter until later. Rockingham awards “Clean street of the year” recognition and streets proudly display the award.

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