Perth Xmas Parade

The temperature was a little over 70F – just right for the scantily clad dancers in the enormous Christmas Parade in Perth, West Australia

If you want to watch the parade next year, turn up six hours early to get a spot near the start of the parade or go to somewhere near the end of the parade half an hour early.

Mounted PoliceI went two and a half hours early and the streets were lined on both sides and in the middle pavement already, but there were big gaps near the end of the route.

These policemen were near the end of the route an hour before the start of the parade. The nearer police horse could not be accused of having a faulty tail light.

You can guess the problems that I had with my camera if you like to take photos. The whole point of dancers or marchers is movement. The only way to cut out movement blur is to have bright lighting. I had a dim street lamp overhead. So, of the 170 times I clicked my shutter, I rejected all but 78 pictures, and none of them were as sharp as I would like.

Lighted handspringChildren found all sorts of activities to pass the time for the hours of waiting. As it grew dark, this little girl fastened lights to her wrists and ankles and did handsprings. You can see the sweep of her ankle lights here.

Scissors paper stoneThis little girl found another way to pass the time. She played scissors paper stone with her mother and it looks like she enjoyed it.

The man in the foreground sat up because the little girl who had been turning handsprings started bouncing on his chest as he lay on the ground.

I enjoyed the parade, but my eyes saw more than the camera did. There were so many LED lights that the dancers looked dark by comparison, and I had to edit the brightness of the highlights.

I apologize if your photo isn’t there. There was just too much movement. I’m sorry not to have a photo of the Chinese Dragon, but it came out as a colorful swirly blur. Unfortunately, I deleted it. Otherwise I could have asked you for a deeply psychological title and sold it to Perth City for a couple of million dollars as modern art.

Further down the page, you’ll find my photos of the parade.

Remember, the large photo shows more of the movement blur than the small photo here does. But if you frame a large photo, it will look better from half-way across the room.

There are three pictures per row in the block further down the page. The first picture is row 1, column 1 so you can count the rows and columns for the picture that you want.

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