Perth Kangaroos

Perth residents laugh when tourists expect to see kangaroos hopping through the center of the city, but could it happen?

Distant kangaroosLet’s go hunting. We leave the central bus/train station and head South towards the river. When the first expats settled in Perth the Governor’s mansion was in St George’s Terrace, and still is, so let’s think of that as the center of the city.

We cross the Terrace and turn left towards the rising sun and in a few minutes – yes – could it be… Could those shadowy shapes be kangaroos?

We sneak stealthily forward to avoid frightening them away.

There is no fear of that. Some humorist with a lot of talent has created metal kangaroos to satisfy the tourists.

Kangaroo drinking

Why do I think the sculptor had talent?

Well, there is none of this modern cheating by getting a child or a chimpanzee to bung some play-dough lumps together until they look vaguely like something, then creating a large statue like that, and getting paid for it.

kangaroo drinking closeupJust look at the loving attention that the artist has put into each claw for instance.

old man kangarooOh! Oh! The old man kangaroo standing guard has spotted something. It isn’t the floodlight at his feet that illuminates him at night.

Could it be… Yes! It’s a whole family of kangaroos.

Oh, Dear…It looks as if the leading old man kangaroo is just going to bound into the main road among all the traffic.

Kangaroo familyI breathe a sigh of relief – it is only a statue.

What is more, the sculptor took safety into consideration, so if children climb all over an inviting kangaroo, or a parent lifts them to the back of a kangaroo for photographs, the structure won’t come crashing down.

Now, if my theory is right, it will be safe for me to get right in front of the old man kangaroo that is leading the way for another photograph.

Perth kangarooJust look at the character in that face!

I guess the members of the government working nearby are jealous and wish that they were as intelligent as this old man.

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5 thoughts on “Perth Kangaroos

  1. Hi Ian,
    The pictures are so old – the ones in your header we are not sure who any of them are except the chap leading the team!
    Could that be Paul Berridge with the specs?

    • John, I don’t like using recognizable photos in the header of my blog. So I used photos that are more than half a century old.

      Now I can guarantee that everyone in the photo looks a lot different from how they looked half a century ago.

  2. Smell of Sauerkraut is enough for me!
    You think your government is bad! You should be here!
    Thought you did not like hot weather. Surely it is hot in South America!!

    • Hi Betty,
      You used to like sour things. I can remember you eating a raw lemon. It’s an acquired taste. Some children will sit down and empty the jar at one sitting.

      I’ve been reading about Brexit. Some people believe that it is just a ploy to get better conditions from Europe. Apparently the UK has not exited from Europe after all. We’ll just have to wait and see. At least I think the “First past the post” system is fairer than ours. To add to the hilarity, one candidate for our district seemed to be winning until they discovered that 200 votes for their opponent had been incorrectly allocated. When the votes were transferred to the correct candidate, she won by a few votes.

      Will it make a difference? No. The government has won – it only remains to be seen by how much.

      I don’t like hot weather. However, if you go up high enough, you can choose a temperature range that is just what you want. And all the nasty itchy mosquitoes, sand-flies, jiggers etc. stay down in the lowlands. The only problem is that some people get altitude sickness, so you should visit a place to see if you can stand the altitude to get a temperature range of 62F by night to 80F by day all the year round.

      • I just thought of something. If “sauerkraut” smells bad it might not be sauerkraut. If air gets into the brew it destroys it, and you end up with a stinking mess.

        Silage is sauerkraut made with grass instead of cabbage. The outside of a silage heap smells terrible, because air can get at it. You just recycle it as manure. The good silage is under several inches of bad stuff and smells delicious. Cattle love it. I’ve never tried eating it, but suspect it would be very tasty.

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