Mixed Up Electoral System

Australians speak scornfully about ‘first past the post’ electoral system. They must confuse the issue.

Postal Votes and Hung Parliament

So far it looks as if there will be no winner i.e. we’ll have a hung parliament. We have to wait until all the postal votes come in from Australian citizens all around the world.

Eventually there will be a definite loser among the candidates. Think of the little green ballot paper, with the donkey votes numbered 1 to 7.

Vote Shifting

Once the candidate who comes last in the votes is known, say for example one million ballot papers had the worst loser as first preference.

Now the worst loser is removed from the list in these million papers and the top remaining preference is allocated. In this case the second preference would be allocated to whoever was chosen. So you can see that even the position on the ballot paper of the second preference matters once the donkey vote appears.

When the new worst loser is known, the votes are shifted again until only two candidates are left. So if as seems likely there is no clear party vote because they’re all as bad as each other, the donkey vote is important in each of the six vote shifts.

Hung Parliament

If as seems likely, the two major parties win the same number of seats, the really filthy activity will start. There will be a few minor parties such as the Greens that win seats. So each major party will promise bribes to the minor parties for agreeing to vote with them.

That means that we could have a minority government if the winner is party B by one or two votes, but party A offers better bribes to the minor parties. We have had minority governments in the past.

Does the Government Represent the People?

Of course not. They’re in it to line their own pockets.

There was referendum number three a while back about having daylight saving time. At all three referendums the people said NO!

The government just went ahead and gave us daylight saving time anyhow.

That is why voting is compulsory. If it wasn’t compulsory hardly anybody would vote, because we know that any government is just there to line their own pockets.

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