Markets in Greater Perth

Markets in Perth are a thrifty alternative to the supermarkets. If you get poor quality, it’s your own fault for not examining the produce before placing each item in your bags. Prices vary between a third and a quarter of the price at the supermarkets.

I meant to toss off this post in half an hour. I just hadn’t realized how big a topic it is. I’ll have to take several days.
Many people believe that because produce is so cheap, it must be inferior.

I used the old-fashioned flotation test for the freshness of eggs. None of the supermarket eggs passed the test. Several floated to the surface. All of the eggs from the market lay flat on the bottom and passed the test.


If you know of a big Perth market that I’ve missed, with cheap food, please leave a comment. Wangara markets, known as Wanneroo markets are the biggest that I know of North of the River. Subiaco used to have a big market on waste land. The Council was going to close it, but the outcry saved it, and they only shrunk it.

Fremantle probably has the biggest markets, and you can get lost wandering around them.

Wanneroo Markets

Mural on Toilet WallI like this mural on the wall of one of the toilets in the market.

But before you can see this mural, you must first find your way there.

Wanneroo Road is the arterial road going from the city of Perth to the City of Wanneroo, and continuing up North. When I came to Australia 46 years ago, I cycled past Wanneroo without seeing it. There were only a few houses.

Then it grew into a city and needed to create suburbs. They wanted an industrial estate between Wanneroo and Gnangara, so they took part of each name and created Wangara. That is why the Wanneroo Markets are in Wangara.

You will probably approach the markets either coming from Perth going North up Wanneroo Road or from the North.

Approaching big boomerang from the South.If you are on a bus going North, you’ll see a whole string of sales rooms on the right for different brands of automotive, then you’ll see some traffic lights and the big yellow boomerang. That’s when to get off the bus, then turn uphill at the traffic lights.

I took this photo from the bus shelter, so if you don’t ring the bell before you get to it, you’ll have to walk back from the next stop.

Park sign north of big boomerangSupposing you have missed your stop, or are on a bus from the North, you will see this introduction to a so-called park.

As far as I am concerned, it is just a wider green strip along the road. The “park” widens in the bit that has the big boomerang.

Big yellow boomerang statueYou can’t miss seeing the big boomerang when you come from the North, unless you are color blind to yellow. I say the same thing as the critics of the Wright brothers – it’ll never fly.





Spud Shed SignWhen you get near the road to the markets you’ll see the Spud Shed sign. It used to be part of the markets, and is still joined on to them.

Prindiville Drive TurnoffThen you come to Prindiville Drive. I think it is fair to say that the people who put up the sign posts have no intention of letting you drive past without seeing the turning.

If you’re still on the bus, ring the bell and get off at the bus shelter just after Prindiville Drive. Walk up the hill to the Markets, but that will be another post.

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