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There is no need to starve if you like fast foods. The markets are in an industrial area, so the fast food shops nearest the road are open all week for workers to have lunch.

Vietnamese fast foodThis is the only place that I think deserves special mention. I’ve eaten Vietnamese hot food there several times, and the food is always tasty, and there is plenty of it. I don’t know how it compares with the Vietnamese restaurant in Wanneroo because I haven’t eaten at the Wanneroo one yet.

You can get a tasty and filling bowl of “soup” for $10. I wouldn’t call it soup because there is so much meat and other solids that the liquid can’t cover them. Perhaps a stew?

This shop is only open Friday to Sunday and public holidays.

Tasty German bread recipes I think I showed you this German bread stall in an earlier post. If you like fresh bread, you will love these loaves.

The last two pictures show you an indoor and an outdoor (with awnings) food courts. I usually prefer to eat raw fruit from the fruit and vegetable stalls.
Indoors food courtOutdoor food court.

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