Lakes In SW Rockingham

The map this morning showed two small lakes in South West Rockingham that seemed interesting. There appeared to be crop circles approaching one lake, but there were no crops there for flying saucers to damage.

Mysterious Circles, W. AustraliaUsing my “trusty” GPS, I navigated across the grassland to the NE end of Osprey Vista, and proceeded SW to where I could see the start of the first circle.

Small footbridge, W. Australia

Stream walled in, W. AustraliaThere was a little footbridge over one of the ever-present streams in the area, and looking left I could see that the stream had been confined between concrete walls.

On the other side of the footbridge you can see the start of the first of the three mysterious circles that appear on this map, leading SW down to the lake reserve.

I think this was brilliant thinking “outside the box”. It would have been so boring to have a straight path leading to the lake. Instead, three circular concrete paths were created with a seat at each circle.

city of Perth, W. Australiacity of Perth, W. AustraliaThe “lake” in Apex Reserve is little more than a large pond, but the developers have made an excellent job of designing interesting lake surrounds.

The picture on the left is the first view as you approach from the NW, and the next pictures are taken from further around the North side of the lake.

city of Perth, W. Australiacity of Perth, W. Australia

I get the impression that the architect who designed the two shelters on the other side of the lake had never heard of a plumb line.

They remind me of the song about the crooked man who lived in a crooked house. But after all – as long as the roof is horizontal it will protect you from the rain.

Still using my almost trusty GPS I proceeded South East down Maverick Promenade, only the GPS indicated that it wasn’t South East. At last I realized that the program works out which direction I am walking and makes that the top of the map. Some people like this. I don’t.

Down in the bottom left corner is an icon of a compass. If I tap the icon the map rotates to show North at the top again. I didn’t discover this till I got home, so kept losing my way.

At least the GPS showed me which roads I was following, so I only had to walk far enough away from a road junction to see where I was going.

city of Perth, W. AustraliaI used to have a tie with black and white stripes that made the viewer’s eyes go funny. I wore it when I didn’t want anyone to notice that I was wearing a dirty shirt.

Probably Rockingham City is not trying to conceal any dirty secrets with its black and white paving. At a guess I would think that a brick making factory was closing down, or had some other reason to offer the Council large numbers of bricks at a bargain price.

You have probably noticed how much blue sky appears in my photographs. Perth has just as much rain as Aberdeen in Scotland, but we get it all at once. I have seen two inches fall in half an hour. I know when it started, because I had to rush into the house. It was a good excuse to stop working in the garden.

city of Perth, W. AustraliaYou can see the zigzags on the median strip and on the Council strip on the other side of the road. The Council keeps ownership of a strip of land beside the road each time you buy a house.

city of Perth, W. AustraliaThey still didn’t manage to use up all the bricks, so they’ve even covered the central island of a roundabout at Hawker St junction with zigzags.

I turned right into Hawker St even though my GPS system was still not showing true North and found my way to the next lake. The road names on the approach are probably good for real estate values, but are not very descriptive – Cascade Close, and Reflection Mews.

city of Perth, W. AustraliaPossibly the little breeze blowing caused the lack of reflections in the lake, or perhaps it was the little fountain you see here, or the big one further to the left in the lake.

I do approve of the signs forbidding golf and cars but allowing dogs. Australians are descended from convict colonies so signs are usually ignored, but this time, there would be too little space for a golf course, and the tracks are not a shortcut to anywhere so motorists won’t use them. So the Council has managed to put up signs that will be “obeyed!” There are no signs forbidding people to feed the birds, so nobody was feeding them.

Larger fountain in Rockingham, W. AustraliaThere is one bird in my last picture for today and you can see the larger fountain clearly.

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