Lake Naragebup

Lake Naragebup was my target the next day, and I looked forwards to taking hundreds of scenic photos around the lake, so decided to ignore the threats of the weatherman.

going out without me?, W. AustraliaI didn’t want the dog tugging at her lead just as I took a picture, so took her for her morning walk, then left her in the house. She knew I would leave her behind.

Lake Naragebup was very much larger than the little lake that I had walked around that morning, so I was expecting lots of trees growing lushly around the water.

Entry to lake nature reserve, W. AustraliaLots of scenic shots with the well paved dual-use footpath/cycle path going under arches of overhanging trees, with water showing interesting reflections were just what I wanted.

The whole nature reserve disappointed me.

The bar you can see to the left is padlocked against motor vehicles. The curving swivel-gate is to allow free access to pedestrians. At least I agree with Rockingham Council that motor vehicles should be kept out, but the path was just a dirt track.

stream draining to lake, W. AustraliaProbably the red tape associated with a nature reserve prevented the Council making it more attractive.

Looking back from a bridge over a stream flowing into the lake the picture was more like what I had come to expect of Rockingham Council.

barren lake nature reserve, W. Australia I’m sure you’ll agree with me that the scenery around the lake leaves a lot to be desired.

I had to hunt for a bush that was taller than I was as a point of interest. The ground was mostly bare, with a few straggling native plants growing there.

Approach to lake lookout, W. AustraliaAhead I spotted a lookout over the lake and decided to make that my last point of call before leaving the lake.

As you can see, the dirt track is just deep sand in spite of the rains we have had this autumn. The most attractive part of the picture is the sky, with its streaky clouds.

I’ll lump the next four pictures of the lookout together. The third one is an assemblage of photos of individual notices so that you can read them.

history of lake Richmond, W. Australia
Below the lookout, W. Australia

Approach to lake lookout, W. Australia

West from the lookout, W. AustraliaThis is the scene from the lookout looking West over the lake Naragebup/Richmond. It looks quite attractive from that point of view, so perhaps if I walked around the lake one day when it had just rained, or the sun was just setting, the whole reserve might have looked better.

Looking East from the lookout, W. AustraliaFinally, this is the view to the East. The path you can see is the one that I would take to get to the pond that I’ll show in my next post.

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