Kids Water Balls

Why do we laugh? Psychologists say it is an expression of defiance. We think something is frightening so we laugh to show that we are not worried. You probably laughed the first time when Daddy threw you into the air and caught you.

Why do we like falling about safely? I think it is the same sort of thing. We find the lack of control frightening, but know that we will land safely. I can remember 60 years ago jumping out of a hayloft and landing on my back in the loose straw beneath. Trampolining is similar, but you have complete control.

However, the big bubble kids water balls give you no control at all, and you are guaranteed a soft landing because you are inside a plastic ball floating on water.

One little boy lay down on his back with his arms folded and was in complete control – until an attendant grabbed the handles and swung them up and down about a yard five or six times. The boy had truly been through the tumbler after that.

I hope the following pictures give you an idea of the out-of-control fun that these children had at the Royal Show.

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