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If you are a tourist, try London Court in the city or the Fremantle markets. Locals are the main target of the Wanneroo markets. You’ll find Asian and African souvenirs, but I haven’t noticed any Australian ones.

There are some good bargains here if they happen to have what you want.
You want sox? I got socks.Don’t go there with a shopping list, unless you want socks. I liked the sign that used to be there. “If you want socks – I got socks. If you no want socks – I still got socks”.

If you no want sox I still got soxI get all my socks there. They are not just the mass-produced socks that you find in the supermarkets. I get quality for a good price.

Bamboo textiles may be better, but I’m not convinced yet. I bought some but didn’t notice any difference. I like the super-heavy socks that I can use instead of slippers all the winter long.

There is everything from heavy winter wear to reflective safety vests

Nothing to wearI’ve bought various scented oils to make my home smell more interesting. Sometimes I’ve bought inkjet refills.

If you are in the same predicament as the young lady on the right, and you have nothing to wear, you’ll find a wide variety of clothes at the markets.

city of Perth, W. AustraliaThe socks might not be quite what you need, but how about an Akubra hat?

Here are two more sights you might see as you stroll around the markets.


Bamboo screen
Would you like a door screen that lets in the fresh air but keeps out flies? This tiger painted on hanging bamboos might not frighten the flies, but they don’t like the gaps between canes to change in the breeze. It’s not foolproof, but it does keep out most of the flies.

Buskers in Wanneroo marketsUntil I lost my voice as I grew older, I was an enthusiastic barbershop singer. So I have a very soft spot for young buskers who might not have the polish of experience. They are learning to master stage fright, and “The show must go on.”

Young lady busker.My last picture is of a young lady who was a perfect example.

We don’t get much bad weather in Sunny Perth, but it can be very bad sometimes.

This young lady mastered all her problems with aplomb. The thunder kept drowning her out. The gusts of wind kept blowing her music off the stand. She still managed to keep smiling as she kept going without her book of music in front of her. Well done! Keep that up, and you’ll be a masterful performer one day.

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