Have A Go Fete

Seniors get a lot of fun and ideas from the “Have a go day” fête. Intended for people over 55 years old, even children seem to enjoy a visit.

There are so many good ideas for seniors that I won’t try to cover them all in one post. I’ll spread them out over several topics.

Map of BurswoodHave a go day is held each year in Burswood Park. When I arrived in Australia forty-six years ago, Burswood was swampy ground on one bank of the River Swan. A rubbish dump was gradually filling in the swamp. Then the government decided to change the use of the ground. They encouraged building Burswood casino and a lot of other entertainment buildings. They landscaped everything to be suitable for outdoor activities and created enormous car parks.

Next, they created a railway station for Burswood. Most visitors probably come by road.

Shuttle bus to Burswood have a go dayYou can walk the distance from the railway station to the park that I marked with a red cross. It is only ten or fifteen minutes walk, which should be fine for active seniors. However it is very confusing to find your way, so I took the shuttle bus ferrying visitors to the Fete.

On the way back the queue was too long, so I walked, and had to ask my way once even though I had a GPS navigator.

One complaint I have about most “show for a day” venues is that toilets are very hard to find. Burswood has no such problem. It is very well planned with parking areas and grassed areas too.

If you are dancing with impatience, my next post will be about dancing at the fête. I think that I missed some of the dancing displays, but if you think that you are too old for belly dancing, wait till you see my next post.

I was disappointed. I planned to take many photos of people being shown how to use a bow and arrow, but that demonstration wasn’t there this year. Perhaps senior citizens had too bad eyesight to avoid shooting people passing by.

Next Post about seniors dancing in Burswood, Perth, W. Australia

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