Global Warming Scam

At the beginning of the scam, the forecast said that by now, the survivors would be clustered around the poles to get away from the heat and the drought.

My confidence in the forecast was negligible. After all, the same people who couldn’t get their forecasts right twenty-four hours in advance, expected me to believe that they could make accurate forecasts for the next fifty years! Who were they kidding?

Mathematician Discovers Errors

However, Dr David Evans, in Perth, who had been a climate modeller for the Australian Greenhouse Government Office, took advantage of his six degrees in applied mathematics to investigate the original model.

He did this because the climate has hardly changed this century.

Factor of Ten Errors

He discovered firstly that the model is probably correct, but there were two mistakes in the mathematics.

When Dr Evans corrected these two mistakes, it turned out that the climate change estimate had got things wrong by a factor of about ten. The changes would, in fact, be small enough to be hidden by cyclic climate changes, such as our distance from the sun increasing.

Could we Have An Ice Age

Some scientists even predict a mini-ice-age in the thirties.

At the start of previous ice ages, there have been big volcanic eruptions that caused global temperatures to plummet. Nobody knows if the eruptions are caused by whatever is causing the global cooling, but if they are, we could expect some major volcanic activity to cool us down soon.

In the last “mini-ice-age” people were skating on the river Thames.

Scam Good For Taxes

So why hasn’t the global warming scam been abandoned? Could it be because governments can’t levy carbon taxes if they admit that carbon dioxide has little effect on temperatures?

If that was the case, we could expect some tampering with temperature records to occur.

Evidence of Tampering

I discovered some tampering by accident. I happened to remember the exact maximum temperature on the official graph at and the next day’s record showed a higher temperature.

Evidence of falsification
So for the next month, I kept the records in this scan. I was trained to keep records in ink so that I couldn’t change them.

The second column shows the maximum on the 24-hour graph published by the site. You don’t need to read the graph accurately because the website also shows the results in figures for 24 hours.

The results reported that evening, shown in column three, were usually rounded up. On the second day, they were rounded up by .9 degrees.

The next column shows the maximum temperature reported the next day, after the figures for the previous maximum had disappeared from the 24-hour statistics.

That was when the disgraceful interference with the records became obvious. There was only one day (the ninth) when the increase over the real value was not greater than zero. So values in the fifth column were not accidental.

Temperatures at Airports Increase

I wouldn’t have thought that falsification was necessary. Most weather stations are at airports. That means that the more planes with hot jets take off and land, the hotter the airport will become.

Just don’t tell the people on the East coast of Australia that they are experiencing droughts. The relatives of the victims swept away by floods might take offense.

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2 thoughts on “Global Warming Scam

  1. Interesting. On the subject of volcanic activity, there has been significant activity in the Andes in recent years with sufficient ash ejected to cause serious disruption of air transport right across South America. In the light of your expressed interest in Ecuador and central America I suggest this is something to take into consideration.

    • Roy, I agree. It is worrying. But I can’t predict volcanic action. When you live in Scotland you could be killed by poison gasses from a volcano in Iceland if it erupts again.

      If, as I believe, we are headed for global cooling, the pattern in the past has been for increasing volcanic activity and earthquakes to speed up the plunge to a mini-ice age. One ideal place for my temperature range would be in Panama, in a place called Volcan. Yes, as you guessed, it is on the slopes of a volcano that has been extinct for hundreds of years. It could erupt any day.

      The soil is rich volcanic soil. You can get three crops per year. They get about 20 times the rainfall that they get in Glasgow, but most of each day is sunny. You just have to keep out of the showers. BUT I wouldn’t want to buy a farm on the side of a volcano, however extinct it might seem to be.

      Oh, an expert told me that there is an earthquake fault line under Lake Joondalup, just a mile or two downhill from where I live now. That could be the site of the next volcano.

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