Benefits of Fence Replacement in Wanneroo

I moved my hand incautiously and tipped another glass of milk onto the floor. Mum called the dog to lap up the milk from the floor.

From an early age, I learned “If life hands you a lemon make lemonade” and we had a lemon tree growing in the garden. Of course, I knew that “It’s no use crying over spilled milk.”

So when the wind blew down my fence I looked for ways to benefit from it.

Fencing cut into short lengthsThe first benefit was obvious – the insurance company paid for a better fence to be installed.

Garden Bed Retainers

However, I started to think about recycling the old concrete fence. It seemed that I would have to lower the soil level on my side of the fence because Colorbond fencing doesn’t act as a retaining wall. So I would make raised garden beds.

What could I use at the edge of the beds to hold in the soil? How about the old fencing? Each panel would be one metre wide when overlapped with the next one. I would just cut three or four strips of fifteen inches from each old panel and have free edging strips.

Have you ever started a ten-minute job and it took hours to do?

I could barely lift each corrugated panel and lie it flat in the cutting area. Then I marked off the strips – at least that was easy.

Next, I put on my goggles and industrial-grade breathing mask because the sand in the fences can cause deadly silicosis when ground very finely. Then I discovered that the cutting wheel would only cut halfway through the panel. So I had to turn it over to cut the other side. The breathing mask restricted my breathing so that I was soon out of breath.

New fence frameworkThe tradesman was coming the next day, so I wanted to make 45 retaining strips before then. I had managed 21 strips before I was too tired to lift the circular saw anymore.


I hate pointless exercise. I’ve spent all my life figuring out how to do jobs with less work, and now you expect me to run on a treadmill getting nowhere? Ah, but swinging those fence panels around was not a pointless exercise. Sinking those retainers nine inches into the ground will be hard work, but not pointless. Carting excess soil from the base of the fence to the raised garden beds will not be pointless.

So this disaster is helping me to exercise for the next few weeks.

Fence Framework

I’m delighted with the tradesman that found for me. Hipages doesn’t charge me anything to get quotes from a tradesman (any kind anywhere in Australia). Presumably, they charged a commission to Aliyan Fencing who won the bidding.

Finished placing panels into frameworkAliyan went beyond the call of duty. You see the wooden gatepost beside the framework for the new fence? Aliyan had to dig out the post because it was in the way of the new fence. They then re-installed it and concreted it into the ground. But that’s not all. They then re-hung the gate for me at no extra charge. Of course, I could have re-hung the gate myself – but I hate exercise, so I was very pleased with their efforts.

As you know, most contractors add a little for extras. Aliyan charged me what the insurance company paid me, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Now I just have to find time to remove the waist-high weeds from my garden so that I can see the ground where I shall install the new raised garden beds. I feel like an archaeologist.

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