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Edith Cowan University put on an excellent Public Event on Saturday. The trouble was I took so many photos that it’s taken me several hours to decide what to post first.

Science and Aboriginal Culture Together, W. AustraliaThe theme was Old Ways New Ways Outreach Program, showing how science and Aboriginal culture go together. I bet you didn’t know that the Aborigine culture is meant to be tens of thousands of years old and that the aerodynamics of a boomerang didn’t have to wait until Sir Isaac Newton invented his laws of motion 330 years ago.

Some of the exhibits swung one way or the other, so I’ll deal with them today.

Using a computer tablet to control a ballYou could learn how to measure the speed of light using Chocolate – and eat the chocolate after the experiment. Make green slime, make a monster snowflake, and do some chromatography with a piece of white chalk.

Here the little girl is controlling the movement of a ball with flashing lights, using a tablet computer program. She just had to move her finger, dragging a blob sideways, to make the ball roll in the same direction.

Child using microscopeI enjoyed the little boy’s claim to be a Minnesota graduate, though I don’t think he is quite old enough for that.

The rest of the pictures all show ladies working on traditional Aboriginal crafts.

The tables are a jumble of fibrous plants that will be used to create such things as baskets and ropes.

Making Aboriginal Craft

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