Bread Experts in Wanneroo Markets

Tired of sliced bread? The Bread experts offer a large range of alternatives.

city of Perth, W. AustraliaYesterday I tried four of their offerings. Unfortunately, I couldn’t wait to take the photograph before I guzzled down the first one. It was a kind of biscuit.

As I get older I am losing my ability to sense subtle flavors.

That means that I can enjoy the hottest of curries without grabbing a glass of iced water. It also means that I am unable to tell you what herbs and spices were in these three “breads”. They did taste good but a younger person would enjoy them more.

The long one at the top is a cheese bread. I enjoyed the sharp cheese taste, and the tough chewy texture that should always accompany cheese baking.

You can see their stall at Wanneroo Markets in my earlier post.

If you live on the other side of the lake (Joondalup) you can find the main shop at

The Bread Expert

71 Regent Park Road


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