Bikes & Feet Bridge

Good news! The local government plans to make a floating bridge over lake Joondalup for pedestrians and cyclists. I will save having to walk all the way around the north or south end of the lake to get from Wanneroo to Joondalup.

Proposed Wanneroo lake bridge, W. Australia
Wait a minute… This is a government plan so perhaps I’d better not hold my breath waiting for it to be completed!

Let’s see… Ah! Yes! It is due for completion in 2050 if nothing happens to cause delays.

Great… I can plan to take a walk over the lake for my one hundred and tenth birthday. It will only be three miles to the big shopping centre in Joondalup or a little less to the Joondalup government buildings. That will be an hour’s walk as compared with a quarter of an hour walking and half an hour waiting for a bus. The scenery will be a lot better.

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