Australian White Christmas

Christmas in Australia is very different. The first photo is of the Australian version of a white Christmas.

White Christmas in Perth, W. AustraliaIt was Christmas day and sweat was dripping off me, trickling into my eyes, and I could feel it running down my back. The thermometer was hovering around 100F.

We had a white Christmas all right, but why was there no snow on the bushes and trees? Why was only the ground white?

This picture is of Lake Walyungup, a salt lake in Waikiki, which is a suburb of Perth. I don’t think the salt will ever be mined, because it was used as a firing range, and there are still thought to be many unexploded mines.

Christmas Tree in Perth, W. Australia Another thing that is different is the mistletoe and what the Australians call a Christmas tree. The mistletoe is not the kind that you share kisses under.

It is the largest mistletoe in the world and is not satisfied with hanging in a bunch from the tree that it is parasitising. The Australian Christmas tree takes over the whole tree.

To get an idea of the scale, the fence you can see across the road is above head height.

The aggressive yellow (or is it orange) blossom appears about Christmas time, which gives it the name of Christmas Tree.

Medium distance picture of Christmas tree flowers
As you can see from this picture, I am more beautiful than the flowers that I am examining.

Medium distance picture of Christmas tree flowers
The bees love this blossom, and there are two bees in this picture that you can only see at full resolution.

But now it is time to turn to the DARK side of Christmas.
Official Wanneroo Xmas lights on lamp post

This is the official Wanneroo Christmas decoration scattered around the place on the lamp posts.

You can see more ambitious Christmas lighting on the roundabout outside  the Wanneroo Council Buildings.

You may remember the lazy sculpture at the roundabout outside the Wanneroo Council Buildings. Also on the same page is a semicircular window on the Council building, and a lot of flags waving.

city of Perth, W. AustraliaWell, this photograph reminds me of the snide comment in Trial by Jury “She may very well pass for forty-two in the dark with the light behind her.” The statue actually looks quite good with the Christmas lights around.

I think they farmed out the lighting to the cheapest contractors. They couldn’t get the first lot to work, so they created this setup, which worked after several attempts.

They finally got the green spiral representing the tree to light up, and the lights on the top Christmas parcel finally came on.

Xmas lights on private houseAs usual, a private individual up the hill from the Council buildings made a more impressive display, to which they kept adding as the fancy took them. Here it is.

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