Travelling in Australia is everyday life to me. I never thought of blogging about it, but friends have told me that people on the other side of the world (where the people aren’t all upside down) would be interested in travel sites and travel tips about Australia. So this travel blog will start out being about Australian travel.

Here is a self-portrait when I was pretending to be an inspector of doctor’s practices.

I’m trying hard to believe that travel info that annoys me every day could make life easier for tourists.

But I do know things like where to find out times for buses and trains online for instance. I bookmarked it on my computer, so I never think about http://www.transperth.wa.gov.au/Journey-Planner

I’m more interested in scenery than in skyscrapers so thought that I would be useless as a travel guide. But judging by the photographs in travel magazines, there must be many other people like me who are interested in getting away from the tall buildings that they have at home.

There is even a growing interest in something called “ecotourism”.

If and when I get around to it I can even tell you about romantic gardens where you can go for wedding photos even in the main city.

There are many dual-use footpath/cycleways now, and the number is growing. That means that you can go for a leisurely stroll in sunny greenery, and listen to the birds instead of being knocked down by a car.

Oh, I’m not satisfied with Australia. I’ve lived or visited in Paraguay, Argentine, Brazil, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain, Canary Islands, South Africa, and traveled through Australia to Kimberley, Port Hedland, Pemberton, Sydney, and Adelaide, and I never thought about writing about it.

I think perhaps my first post will be about a three-hour trip from my home in the North of Perth to Rockingham, which is near the South of Perth. After all… That is about travelling in Australia.