300yds From Wanneroo Centre

Medical Centre Architecture

Wanneroo medical centre city of Perth, W. AustraliaMoving up the hill to the East we come to the Medical Centre. This is interesting because the architect designed it to beat the terrible summer sunshine.
The very obvious slats are angled to block the summer sun, but the winter sun can stream in through the office windows. The little roofs over the footpath are there because it does occasionally rain in Wanneroo. People waiting for the bus appreciate a little roof then.
Looking up at Wanneroo Medical Centre, W. Australia You might get a better idea of the effect of the slats by looking upwards. Here you can see that the midday winter sun does manage to get in through some windows. But imagine that the sun is so high that it is at right angles to the slats.

That’s how the sun shines in Perth, Australia during the summer. Then nearly all the sunlight will be blocked for several hours around the middle of the day.

Those little roofs are great during the summer when you are waiting for the bus. The shade is several degrees cooler. Lovely.

Moving On

city of Perth, W. AustraliaAcross the road to the East is the little Bert Togno Park.

This photo shows one of the entries to the park. We call that thing that looks like a green pompom to the right of centre a grass tree now because it is politically incorrect to refer to it as a blackboy. The little posts in the foreground are to prevent cars from driving over the park.

The Bush, Sinagra, W. AustraliaCrossing the road Northwards, we come to the Police Station, and beside it is a bush nature reserve. “Bush” is what Australians call unmodified native land, but the tracks here have modified it a little.

People who live in Sydney use the expression “Sydney or the Bush” to indicate that the rest of us are uncivilized savages.

The sign is too small for you to read, but it is an unnecessary warning of a burning area. The other forestry departments refer to the West Australian forestry department as “The Firebugs” because of our way of preventing disastrous bush fires.

Every few years, when the level of undergrowth has built up too much, the department has a controlled burn. There are firefighters all around so that they only burn the designated area, and hopefully, the wildlife will have time to move out of the area. The firefighters would prevent you entering the area, so you do n’t really need a warning sign.

Australian bush plants like the fire. Soils are too poor to provide nutrients. The ashes add nutrients to the soil. Seeds don’t germinate until after a fire.

One man earns a living from a quarter of an acre block by growing native plants. He spreads the seeds, then goes over them with a blow torch to make them germinate. Blackboys should be burned every year to convert the dead “skirt” to nutritious ashes. I’ll make a post about blackboys soon.

South and West of Central Wanneroo

If you go South from the City Centre, you pass the post office and come to the supermarket. I won’t include a photo because supermarkets look the same anywhere.

If you go West, you come to Wanneroo Road with fast food outlets lining the west side of the road. I won’t include photos, because you know what a MacDonalds looks like already.

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2 thoughts on “300yds From Wanneroo Centre

  1. I love your sense of humour Ian and enjoyed reading this article. I have learned a few things too like about the hospital slats. Was that Joondalup hospital as Wanneroo itself does not have one to my knowledge.I have never heard of Little Burt Togno park and I have lived in the Wanneroo area 32 years now. Have no idea where it is really.

    • Hi Roberta,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It is not a hospital, but only a medical center with a number of practitioners and a small pharmacy. You just go up the hill eastwards from the Council buildings and it is on your right.

      Just continue a few steps further and you’ll see Bert Togno Park on your right, and the Police station on your left.

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