Traveling around the world with Yanmac

Seniors Header?

Hill Shepherd

You may think that my header picture is unsuitable for a senior travel blog, but here is a photo of a hill shepherd who accompanied us on each hike of about 22 miles.

He walked more than that each day as part of his job, and he was over 70 years old. We sometimes had to carry an exhausted teenager, but never this senior. I assure you that he did not need the walking stick to avoid falling off the narrow bridge.


Australia is a wonderful place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live here. So why have I lived here for forty seven years? Over-population and government policy have changed things, but there are still amazing things to experience.

My first home had the standard quarter acre of land. The government is allowing smaller and smaller parcels of land all the time. Prices have soared so that we are no longer cheaper than the UK. The cost of living has soared too.

My Long Term Travel Plans

So far I have only covered the longitudes from Paraguay Eastward to Australia, so haven’t been around the world yet.

I hope to continue travelling Eastward as a passenger on a freight ship to complete my travel around the world. It’s as cheap as flying, but I won’t get restless legs sitting still for 24 hours.

Visitors To Perth

So if you are planning to visit Perth, Western Australia, I hope you will find some useful tips and ideas in my blog. If you would like some questions answered about what to expect here, please leave a comment (at the foot of the page). That will give me good ideas about what to write about in my blog.

One thing visitors should know… The only kangaroos that you will find hopping down a main road in the middle of Perth are statues. Someone with a sense of humor put them there to satisfy the tourists. Here are some photos of them.

Kookaburra in the city of Perth, W. AustraliaMy travel blog will cover some things that are the same as what you are used to. Some things are different. For instance, here is how to recognize a bus stop.

Perth is bigger than Greater London, but has a population of less than three million. I live in a middle-northern suburb and it takes me about three hours to travel by bus and train to the southern suburbs as I did last week. Rockingham visit

Oh, before you go, you may have wondered why a member of the Government was rebuked for unparliamentary language when he said “The Honorable member is a Kookaburra”. Well that is the name of the bird that I photographed perching on my clothes-line. But another name for it is “laughing jackass”.

So if you’re traveling around the world and visiting Perth, please grab the benefit of my experience of living here for nearly half a century. View my first post here about my trip to one of our Southern suburbs called Rockingham.

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